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Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place is transforming!

We are in the process of moving locations to 2480 Canyon Blvd with an opening scheduled for some time around the end of November as Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar.

Stay tuned for a website overhaul and updates.

Stay connected on our Facebook page Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar or on Instagram @Shineboulder

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Our Mission

Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place is a place for us all to nourish ourselves through food, community, dance, education and celebration. It is hub for us all to share our gifts, to explore, and to have fun doing it. It truly is a place where we can all Shine. Read more


What’s Happening?

Shine hosts ongoing events including cooking and nutrition classes, workshops, support groups, local speakers, and of course, LIVE MUSIC. Check our calendar of events page often to see what is happening this week. Check it out


Book An Event

Our private Gathering Place is ideal for all kinds of events, including birthday parties, holiday parties, non-profit awareness events, documentary showings, seminars, intimate weddings, business functions, and education workshops.


"Light up Your Life . . . Shine from Within"

This is a time to Shine, a time to trust . . .

This life is one for me to live fully, even as I offer myself to others and to service.

Service will come from my heart, my mind, and my spirit.

This is the way of magic and power. This is my way.

I am here as one of many, and yet my oneness is as important as my deep connection to many. I will nurture this oneness.

I will give it voice, I will give it play and will shine my gifts from the heart and share them with the world from a place of purity.

I am here as a creator, and I will create, love, live, laugh as much as I can every moment.

I am Magic, I am Power. Every Single Day, I will remember this.

From the Heart ~ The Blissful Sisters