What is a Shine Potion™?


Shine Potions are enchanted beverages to remind you of the magic within. Through a harmony of supportive herbs, vibrational essences, sound frequencies and more, we tune each potion to a specific intention, one that is ultimately fulfilled by our most important ingredient: You. It’s a reflection of the power that you already contain. In other words: The Magic’s In You.

Hand-crafted by our potion apprentices, Shine Potions are unlike anything else found in the world.

Made with intentional herbs and organic juices, our potions also contain vibrational essences, water that has been imprinted with an energetic “signature” from a particular place or thing such as flowers, gemstones, environments and even stories to help coax out a different state of being.


Owl Eyes

An uplifting INergy potion for clarity

Health Benefits:

This combination of herbs, roots and spices increases the body’s natural energy in a balanced and focused way using adaptogenic herbs. It’s also high in minerals and fabulous for the hair and skin. Owl Eyes is deeply nourishing on a cellular level, can enhance the mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety which often accompany other energizing drinks.

An eye-widening mixture of Love, Lemon Juice, Ginger Root*, Yerba Mate*, Asian Ginseng*, Nettle Leaf*, Eleuthero Root*, Astragalus*, Cinnamon*, Maca*, Nutmeg*, Vanilla Beans* Liquid Chlorophyll,  Apple Juice*, Honey
Flower Essence: Morning Glory, Aloe Vera
Gemstone: Rose Quartz Essence
Sound Frequencies: Waterfall, Owl Hoots, 136.10 Hz & 528 Hz Tuning Forks
Charged Upon: The Flower of Life

Fairy BubblesShinePotions

A lighthearted potion for joy, mirth, & fanciful states of being

Health Benefits:

This combination of herbs and juices nourishes the heart, normalizes blood pressure, boosts immunity and supports immune health with a large dose of vitamin C.

A merry mix of Love, Honey, Pomegranate Juice*, Lemon Juice, Hibiscus
Flower Essence: Hidden Faery Groves
Gemstone: Rose Quartz Essence
Story Essence: Peter Pan
Sound Frequencies: Baby Laughter, 136.10 Hz & 528 Hz Tuning Forks
Charged Upon: The Flower of Life

Three Laughing Monks

A spirited potion to deepen your breath, tickle your senses & lift you with laughter

Health Benefits:

This combination of powerful herbs, roots and juice nourishes our joints and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It promotes longevity and anti-aging while nourishing and rejuvenating the kidneys and adrenals.

A lively blend Love, Honey, Black Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice, Ginger Root*, Reishi Mushroom*, Fo Ti root*, Cinnamon*, Astragalus*, Tulsi Basil*, Amla*, Nutmeg*
Flower Essence: Zinnia
Gemstone: Rose Quartz Essence
Sound Frequencies: Laughter, 136.10 Hz & 528 Hz Tuning Forks
Charged Upon: The Flower of Life


** Season and sipper potions also available.

ShinePotions2Mindful Mixers

As mindful mixers, combine 6 oz of potion with 1 to 1.5 oz of your favorite spirit over ice. We enjoy these with many different spirits, but these are some of our favorites.SUGGESTED RECIPES:

3 Laughing Monks with bourbon garnished with a slice of ginger

Fairy Bubbles with vodka garnished with a dried rose bud

Owl Eyes with tequila garnished with a slice of lemon

Shine Potions Are Now Available At…

Fresh Thymes – 2500 30th St.

Pekoe Sip House

  • CU Campus – 1125 8th St.
  • The Steelyards – 2500 30th St.
  • Alpine & Broadway – 1225 Alpine Ave.

Hazels Beverage World – 1955 28th St.

Lucky’s Market Boulder – 3960 Broadway

North Boulder Liquor – 3990 Broadway

Yoga Pod Boulder – 1750 29th St.

Serve Shine Potions At Your Next Gathering

Shine Potions are great, nourishing ready to drink tonics or fantastic mixers with your favorite spirits!  Available by the bottle or by the keg. Please contact Katherine at katherine@shineboulder.com for more information!