What is a Shine Potion™?

A Shine Potion is a purposeful combination of ingredients that have been put together to create a desired effect, a magical effect you might say. In embracing that idea, we here at Shine Potions™ have thoughtfully and lovingly concocted an array of fantastic, non-alcoholic brews, using a rich assortment of herbs, vibrational-essences, juices, spices, coconut milk and natural sodas. And though there are many fine details that go into making a Shine Potion, to understand the basics, we encourage you to read on…Ultimately, each and every Shine Potion begins with a wish, a desire to transform one state of being into another. For example… Liquid Hush… was born of the desire to shift a state of stress and/or high-activity to a state of calm-centeredness from which new perspectives can be accessed.

Once aware of the intent behind our Shine Potions™, we then seek out the herbs, gems and flowers that most re-late to its fulfillment. For example… Owl Eyes… our Inergy Potion, we use Eleuthero & Astragalus for both of these herbs naturally uplift one’s mood.

In addition then to any herbs we may use, all of our potions contain vibrational essences. A vibrational-essence is water that has been imprinted with an energetic “signature” from a particular place or thing. Here at Shine Potions™ we like to infuse our brews with essences from flowers, gemstones, environments and even stories.

To illuminate this idea a little more, we would first say that everything vibrates. On one level, let’s call it The Ultimate Level, everything vibrates as One, however on another level (multiple levels actually) everything has its own unique vibration, and all of those unique vibrations can be attuned-to through an open mind and open heart.

Furthermore, just as different herbs address different conditions in the body, so too do different vibrational-essences address different states of Being, which is why in our self-love potion, Love-Me-Dew, we added the vibration of rose-quartz, a gemstone that assists in the movement from mental self-criticism to heart-loving acceptance.

Lastly then, but not least, our final ingredient is YOU!! Yes, you are the real secret ingredient behind all of this magic. For within you is the power to move mountains, to be, do and grow beyond your wildest dreams. Our Shine Potions™ then, are intended to do no more than connect you with the wholeness you already are, to the wonder you already are, and of course, to the magic you already are….

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