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The Blissful Sisters

Meet triplet sisters and the co-owners of all things Shine.

Jill Emich is the middle of the three sisters and a bit of a closet dancing queen. She graduated from UNLV with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management and attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.  She was the owner, music talent buyer and bar manager of the Blissful Sisters first Restaurant Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge.  Her mission is to help people tap into their magic and power within as conscious creators. She is currently the co-owner of Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, Shine Potions™ and Shine Brewing Co™.  Her focus is on product development, event production, community outreach, and beer and potion connoisseur.  She loves to connect with others and to be of service to the greater good.  Through her role at Shine, she encourages people to dance, play, explore and dig deeper into their personal beings, to share their gifts and SHINE from the heart. Jill@ShineBoulder.com

Jennifer Emich is the youngest of the three, yet the most even keeled. She graduated from UNLV with a degree in Elementary Education, which has helped her work with all sorts of people (and their inner child). She co-owned Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge where she was the accountant and ran the Front of House Operations She is currently the co-owner of Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place and Shine potions™ and Shine Brewing Co™.   She is a great listener and enjoys connecting with the guests and getting to know what makes them smile (and coming back) as well as the day to day business operations. She lives in Boulder with her husband and their beloved cat Willow. Jennifer@shineboulder.com

Jessica Emich is the first born and the alpha of the three.  She was the first to get married and have kids as well as the first to get in the business.  She graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Hotel & Restaurant Management degree as well as attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Jessica was the co-owner and Executive Chef at her restaurant Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge and has since gotten her Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition as well as a certification in Metabolic Typing.  She is the co-owner and mastermind behind the menu at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. She joins her passion for food and health to create a unique menu of nourishing comfort food. She resides in Boulder with her beautiful daughters and husband. Jessica@shineboulder.com