The Food

The food at Shine is made from the heart and is good for the heart!

foodpic2Not only do the Sisters use local organic ingredients including local meats, fish, veggies and grains but they also bring nourishment to the food through things like soaking grains before cooking for optimal assimilation, sprouting, fermenting, making homemade healing broths, all from scratch using organic ingredients. The oils and salts used are of highest nutritional quality.

Whether you come in for a savory buffalo stew and a Shine Potion™ or a well prepared vegetarian meal along with a cold pressed juice or Shine beer, you will be satisfied in taste as well as feel great when you leave and it has everything to do with quality and loving preparation.

foodpics1The food is clean, high vibrational and satisfying. It is so true that—you really are what you eat—so come on in and feel good about what you are putting into that body of yours. Your body will be so happy you did!

Our food is nutritionally inspired comfort food.  It will leave you satiated and feeling energized.  So, come on in and bring some friends while you are at it, and help spread the good word!

Shine is open for lunch, happy hour and dinner daily as well as brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. We also have live music, dancing, and celebrations in addition to our workshops and education classes – both public and available for private use in our beautiful Gathering Place.

At Shine you will find there is something for everyone!


“To eat is human, to digest divine.”—Mark Twain