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Shine Brewing Co.

Shine Brewing Co. entered the Colorado craft beer scene four years ago and today stands out as one of the state’s finest award-winning independent breweries.


One of only a handful of women-owned breweries in the U.S., Shine Brewing Co. was founded by renowned restaurant owners and triplet sisters Jill, Jessica, and Jennifer Emich who brought on award-winning brewer Mike Kasian in 2011.

Kasian is a true craftsman producing innovative lagers, ales, big imperials, IPAs, and pale ales, as well as experimental seasonal beers, sour beers, and small-batch limited release barrel aged brews with big flavor and finish. In 2014 his Gluten Free Ahimsa Ale won a bronze medal for Gluten Free Beer at the Great American Beer Festival.

Keeping with the holistic, health-centered vibe of Shine’s award-winning restaurant, only the finest ingredients along with sustainable brewing practices—including recycling spent grain to local farmers for chicken feed—are used. Additionally, every batch is infused with Rose Quartz Essence, a homemade infusion of the energies of compassion, harmony and unconditional love.

Group tours, beer flights and beer dinners are available in the restaurant. Off site, the sisters and Mike are available for beer dinners, on site tastings, pairings and educational seminars.

Ahimsa Gluten Free Ale (bronze medal winner for Gluten Free Beer at the Great American Beer Festival)—This is a sorghum-based beer with honey and blackstrap molasses. We use malted millet toasted on premise. Select hops are added to create balance to the sweet sorghum, and a special yeast strain provides a nice fruity character. Finally, we steep chicory and lemon balm to contribute flavors, while offering their healing qualities and antioxidants. Cheers! (5.8% ABV )

Down Dog IPA—The Down Dog IPA is a wildly popular style made with generous amounts of Pacific Northwest hop varieties, this style presents a pungent floral hop aroma. An assertive hop bitterness is supported by a malty backbone–which makes this full-bodied ale the perfect choice for hopheads.  (6.5% ABV )

Shine Pale Ale—This popular American favorite is generously seasoned with select hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest. Along with a supportive malt backbone, hops play a lead role. A substantial dry hop lends a fresh bouquet of citrus aroma that contributes to the clean, dry and hoppy finish of this quintessential American style. Shine on!  (5.4% ABV)

Pohoda Pilz—Introducing Czech Pivo (Beer)! Pohoda (meaning “life is good”) Pilz is a very drinkable light to medium-bodied beer. Using Saaz hops imported from the Czech and select malts which impart a unique hop aroma and a clean, crisp finish. Come Czech out a mug of Pohoda Pilz, because life is good.(5.2% ABV)

Trilogy Imperial Red—Imperial represents strength and this style is exactly that. With hints a caramel and toffee alongside large hop additions throughout the brewing process as well as a generous “dry hop” (notice the wonderful citrus hop aroma) this beer will definitely love you back.  (9% ABV )

Neva Imperial Stout—This full-bodied ale presents a roasty malt character with undertones of chocolate and caramel. Various imported and domestic malts help add to the complexity of this style.  This is a personal favorite! I like to sit with this beer as it warms to pick-up its layers of flavor. What do you taste?  (8.7% ABV )

Rotating Seasonal Tap of Brews—Our rotating seasonal taps include experimental beers, kettle sours, and small-batch limited release barrel aged brews with big flavor and finish.


mike-breweryAward winning Brewer Mike Kasian has split his brewing career between Chicago and Boulder and has recently joined the Shine family. His life long passion and dedication to brewing is a welcome addition to the thriving Shine community. All of our Hand-Crafted House Beers are brewed on premise. Shine Brewing incorporates the finest raw materials – carefully selected to craft a superior product. We offer a diverse lineup of Styles that include traditional favorites along with an ambitious gluten-free option for the adventurous drinker. Our sustainable brewing practices include recycling our spent grain to local farmers for chicken feed.